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Take your senses on a journey with amazing texture, structure, complexity, and aroma of premium quality tea.

Midnight amberMidnight amber

Midnight amber

$18.00 CAD
  • Wild-grown red oolong, medium roast
  • Honey, lychee, muscatel
Charcoal DongdingCharcoal Dongding

Charcoal Dongding

$24.00 CAD
  • Traditional dongding oolong, heavy roast
  • Burnt chestnut, marmalade, smoky
Spring rippleSpring ripple

Spring ripple

$18.00 CAD
  • Pouchong tea, light roast
  • Orchid, wildflower honey, bright
Golden BoluomiGolden Boluomi

Golden Boluomi

$18.00 CAD
  • Specialty Jinxuan oolong, medium roast
  • Pineapple, roasted nuts, malt
Iron goddessIron goddess

Iron goddess

$18.00 CAD
  • Muzha style Tieguanyin, heavy roast
  • Cocoa nib, caramel, smoky
Misty mountainMisty mountain

Misty mountain

$18.00 CAD
  • High mountain oolong, light roast
  • Gardenia, honeydew, smooth
Discovery box

Discovery box

$28.00 CAD
  • A small collection of four delicious teas

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