Charcoal Dongding

Burnt chestnut, marmalade, smoky
$24.00 CAD

An exceptionally rare oolong from a fourth-generation tea master who specializes in traditional charcoal roasting. The tea master only uses longan-wood charcoal, the same way his great-grandfather did to bring the most aromatic ripened fruit and deep woody flavor to the tea.

Traditional charcoal roasted oolong is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare, due to the skill and difficulty in charcoal roasting compared with modern electric roasting. This batch of tea was roasted slowly 7 times over 6 months, letting it rest between roastings. We visited the tea master's studio during the roasting season, and it was incredible to see and smell the meticulous process that brought this tea to life.

This robust and complex oolong tea was roasted to perfection. Dark grayish brown ball-style oolong that produces a brilliant golden liquor. Its uniquely smooth and full-bodied flavor is similar to raw cacao infused with citrus notes and smoke from a strong charcoal fire. Velvety and round with a long brown sugar finish. The initial sip reveals a roasted depth, reminiscent of a crackling fireplace on a cool evening, embracing you with its warmth. It will keep you yearning for more.

The name "Dongding" means "Frozen Summit" in English. It's named after Dong Ding Mountain, known for its cooler peak temperatures and long history of tea cultivation. Dongding oolong tea produced in this area has a distinctive flavor profile due to the unique cultivar, processing methods, and terroir.

This tea is a good candidate for aging as it should change over time as it rests from the roast. If you like dark chocolate, espresso, or wood-oven pizza crust, you should give this a try!

Brewing guide


4g tea / 100ml, 95° C water.

Get your teapot or gaiwan. Warm it, then add dry leaves. Smell the leaves - they release a toasted nut scent as it gets heated up by the teaware.

The first steep takes about 25 seconds, as the leaves are tightly rolled. If you're looking for a thicker texture, you may extend the steep to 30". We start counting as soon as the hot water touches the dry leaves. 

Shorten your second brew to 20", as the leaves are already unrolled and require less time to extract. Add 10 seconds to each additional brew. Adjust your steeping time if you need to—shorter if the tea was too strong, longer if it tasted under-extracted. High quality oolongs can be re-steeped several times, bringing out additional complexities and flavors. We often steep Charcoal Dongding leaves seven to eight times and still have fantastic brews.


In this particular tea, we prefer a hot extraction vs. a cold one. We recommend a 3 minute extraction, using 3g of tea on 500ml of boiling water. Once the tea is cool, chill it in the fridge at 2-4° C. Serve chilled.

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