Golden Boluomi

Pineapple, roasted nuts, malt
$18.00 CAD

Just like the sky at sunset evolving through golden, rose-red, and gray-brown. The setting sun begins to cast a radiant golden glow, diffused by particles suspended in the air. Capture the golden peak of a sunset before it fades into the darkness, reminiscent of roasted oolong.

Dive into the decadent Pineapple oolong from Northern Taiwan. The tea liquid has a bright and pure golden-sunset color. Its luxuriously honeyed sweetness with an enchanting pineapple aroma, all conspire to wrap your senses in a full embrace. Our Pineapple oolong is carefully crafted, showcasing a sophisticated rich flavor with hints of tropical fruit rhyme and a lingering sweet after taste.

Boluomi is a winter tea selected for its particular flavor qualities. Boluomi means “pineapple honey” and aptly describes the sweet pineapple flavor and honey color of this tea.

This is a oolong tea to drink for pure joy; either because you’re celebrating, or when you’re in need of some serious pick-me-up.

Brewing guide


4g tea / 100ml, 95° C water.

Get your gaiwan. Warm it, then add dry leaves.

The first steep takes only about 20 seconds, as the leaves are twisted and less rolled than other oolongs. If you're looking for thicker texture, you may extend the steeps to 25".

Add 5 seconds to each additional brew. Adjust your steeping time if you need to—shorter if the tea was too strong, longer if it tasted under-extracted. High quality oolongs can be re-steeped several times, bringing out additional complexities and flavors. You can reuse your Golden Boluomi leaves at least three to four times.

Hint: we don't discard the first brew (on this tea).

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