Midnight amber

Honey, lychee, muscatel
$18.00 CAD

Midnight amber is a wild-grown red oolong. It's a distinctive tea created by combining the processing method of oolong tea and black tea. We think red oolong captures the best of both worlds. 

Midnight amber has the highest oxidation (~90%) of all oolong teas, its liquid a bright and pure reddish-orange color. It has a rich Muscatel wine aroma with the sweetness of ripe fruits and hints of orange blossoms. Scent of honey and lychee comes from its natural growing process, balanced with a toastiness from its light roast. There's also a lingering rich and sweet honey-like aftertaste. In addition to its rich and mellow flavor, it is delightfully silky-smooth.  There is barely any bitterness and astringency, which is recommended for everyone.

Red oolong was developed around 20 years ago in the tea growing region in the East coast of Taiwan. Local tea farmers discovered the tea leaves stop growing and shrivel after being bitten by tiny green bugs, the tea jassid. However, it also produces a honey-like scent because it increases the amount of sugar alcohol, bringing red oolong the distinct sweet honey taste.

This season's selection is an exceptionally nice tea. Ripe lychee, super clean and organically grown in a pristine area on a small-family farm. I think you will enjoy it!

Brewing guide


4g tea / 100ml, 98° C water.

Get your teapot or gaiwan. Warm it, then add dry leaves. The first steep takes about 45 seconds, as the leaves are tightly rolled. If you're looking for a thicker texture, you may extend the steep to 50"

Shorten your second brew to 30", as the leaves are already unrolled and require less time to extract. Add 10 seconds to each additional brew. Adjust your steeping time if you need to—shorter if the tea was too strong, longer if it tasted under-extracted. You can reuse your Midnight amber leaves at least five to six times.


Cold brew Midnight amber is incredibly elegant and juicy. We recommend a 1:100 ratio, using 5g of tea on 500ml of chilled filtered or spring water. Chill it in the fridge overnight. Serve chilled.

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