Spring ripple

Orchid, wildflower honey, bright
$18.00 CAD

Awaken your senses with this aromatic floral Pouchong oolong from northern Taiwan, it's spring in a cup! The dry leaves are deep dark green with bright green hues, rolled length-wise. The translucent light yellow-green liquor shines. It's light bodied, smooth, silky, with a long sweet and floral finish.

Spring Ripple is a Pouchong tea, also known as baochong. It is one of the most popular teas from Taiwan. Its name means “wrapped tea” and refers to the traditional processing method (no longer in use for the most part) of wrapping the leaves in paper during the drying stage. 

The tea leaf processing involves a light (10%) fermentation, a gentle (~5-10%) roasting, and a distinctive 'non-scenting' technique. You'll notice a subtle, sweet floral aroma both before and after brewing. It's intriguing how natural, unscented tea leaves can evoke such delicate floral notes.

For an unparalleled experience, savor this tea as a cold brew. This allows its intricate floral notes to unfold gradually, ensuring a refreshing and harmonious infusion that embodies the essence of this exceptional tea.

Brewing guide


4g tea / 100ml, 90° C water.

Warm your gaiwan, then add dry leaves. Smell the leaves - they release a beautiful floral scent as it gets heated up.

The first steep takes only about 15 seconds, as the leaves are twisted and less rolled than other oolongs. Add 5 seconds to each additional brew. Adjust your steeping time if you need to: shorter if the tea was too strong, longer if it tasted under-extracted. You can reuse your Spring Ripple leaves at least three to four times.


We love cold brew pouchong. The cold extraction brings out all the bright, sweet springy flavours with minimal tannin. We recommend a 1:100 ratio, using 5g of tea on 500ml of chilled filtered or spring water. Chill it in the fridge overnight. Serve chilled.

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