Misty mountain

Gardenia, honeydew, smooth
$18.00 CAD

The embodiment of purity, a velvety elegance that perfectly combines the fragrance of fresh green leaves with scattered white flowers. Fresh and sweet, it's hard to put it down. A gentle and pleasant tea to teleport you to misty mountains for your afternoon break!

Light to moderate-olive oolong balls that produce a light yellow liquor. The unique fragrance of the green leaves mingles with the sweet taste, delicate floral aroma, and silky texture. A fine oolong tea from a picturesque tea farm at 1200m in the central Taiwan mountain range.

The process of this tea includes light oxidation and light roasting. You can smell a mild creamy scent before and after brewing the tea. The tea liquid has a bright and clear light yellow-green color. You can taste a rich honeydew flavor, with a subtle jasmine scent. Then, a floral and sweet aftertaste. There is no bitterness and astringency, which is suitable for everyone. It is highly recommended to try out the cold brew Misty Mountain tea during summer.

Our Misty Mountain oolong is produced at a small family farm at an altitude of 1200 meters. Instead of using the traditional oolong tea-making method, which is heavy fermentation and heavy roasting, light fermentation and light roasting are able to bring out richer floral scents and flavor. High mountain climates with lower temperatures also have foggy and cloudy weather. Less sunlight reduces the catechin levels, the main compound responsible for the bitterness and astringency in tea.

There is a special crisp flavor that is unique to oolongs grown in high, foggy mountains that's hard to describe in words. You have to give it a try yourself to experience it!

Brewing guide


4g tea / 100ml, 95° C water.

Get your teapot or gaiwan. Warm it, then add dry leaves. Smell the leaves - they release a sweet floral scent as it gets heated up by the teaware.

The first steep takes about 25 seconds, as the leaves are tightly rolled. Shorten your second brew to 20", as the leaves are already unrolled and require less time to extract. Add 10 seconds to each additional brew. 

Adjust your steeping time if you need to—shorter if the tea was too strong, longer if it tasted under-extracted. High quality oolongs can be re-steeped several times, bringing out additional complexities and flavors. You can reuse your Misty Mountain leaves at least four to five times.


Cold brew Misty mountain is incredibly refreshing. We recommend a 1:100 ratio, using 5g of tea on 500ml of chilled filtered or spring water. Chill it in the fridge overnight or ~8 hours. Serve chilled.

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