MAR 16 | Tea and Ceramics at DISH Gallery

$65.00 CAD

Join us for an intimate group tea tasting at the DISH Gallery+Studio in the Distillery District. This guided tasting will take you to the misty mountains in Taiwan, where you’ll explore the terroir, tasting notes, and roasting styles of Taiwanese oolong. 

During the tea tasting, we share with you our collection of ceramics and rare teas sourced from small growers, artisans and foragers working in remote tea regions across Taiwan.

You will learn the traditional methods for preparing specific kinds of oolong tea, and gain a deeper understanding of the history, practice, and etiquette of gongfu-cha.

You will taste oolong teas brewed gongfu-cha style throughout several infusions, to experience how the tea develops and how the brewing method influences the evolution of the flavour.

The tea tasting is 90 minutes, including three single origin oolong teas, a tea dessert, tasting note guidelines.

Attendees will receive a Discovery Box ($28.00 value) to take home and a special promo code for the first online tea order

Event Date / Time

March 16th, Saturday @ 2:00pm-3:30 pm           



Distillery District,
9 Gristmill Lane
Toronto M5A 3C4

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