Apr 7 | Spring in Taiwan at MIKA

$65.00 CAD

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As we step into April, welcoming the beginning of spring, we would like to share a new collaboration with MIKA and special brewing session for the 1st weekend of April: Spring in Taiwan

We invite you to the misty mountains of Taiwan, exploring a variety of terroir, tasting notes, and roasting styles of Taiwan’s most celebrated teas. You will learn about the history of tea production in Taiwan, experience the traditional tea ceremony, and taste different styles of Taiwanese oolong from growing regions throughout the island. This tasting event is great for those looking to explore Taiwanese tea for the first time and for those looking to travel deeper down the path of Oolong.

Participants will be drinking from unique handmade tea cups, made by Satoshi Yoshikawa.

Tasting is 75 minutes long and features a seasonal dessert pairing. 

Attendees will receive a Haku Tea Discovery Box ($28.00 value) to take home plus a special promo code for the first online tea order.

Event Date and Time

April 7th, Sunday @ 10:00am-11:15 am


MIKA Fleur

496 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A4



About MIKA:  

MIKA, founded in 2017 by owner Mika Sato, draws inspiration from nature and the countryside. The store offers a serene urban escape with lush plants, handmade goods, pottery, and a touch of Japanese culture. MIKA’s logo, inspired by a maple key, symbolizes the fusion of Mika’s Japanese roots and Canadian home, where nature meets artistry to bring peace of mind.

Satoshi Yoshikawa

Satoshi Yoshikawa, was born in Okayama, Japan. He has over 15 years of pottery experience  in Japan and has exhibuted throghout Japan and in major cities in China. At the age of 21 he began training in the pottery arts, first in Okinawa and Okayama prefectures then later in Bizen. It was there that he was inspired by Anjin Abe in the making of tea and sake ware. He moved to Canada in 2019 and continues to pursue his passion in ceramics and evolving his designs and techniques. 

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