A Philosophy of Tea

Modern life is, sometimes, inhumane. We rush around in a whirl of busyness and noise with hardly a moment to stop and breath. For me, tea has been one of the great cures to the tyranny of rush in my life.

Important and special moments of my life have revolved around tea. Tea made my first connection with my first mentor. Tea is how I bonded with my 23 fellow international students when I moved to study in Germany alone. I've sipped tea in tragedy, I've chinked glasses in celebration. Tea is how I've made many a friend over the years. 

Tea speaks not only of the calm and rejuvenation it brings, but of the rituals accompanying it, and the companionship it invites. Those five minutes throughout the day of preparing tea give my days a sense of rhythm. There is always time for tea. Even when me and my friends are busy, we always know we can fit in a cup of tea. 

So, I invite you to make a cup of tea, and enjoy this week with some of our favourite tea! 

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